DukaMart: Online Selling Made Easy

DukaMart is a digital marketplace for people who want to own an online business.  It allows sellers to do what they love to do without worrying about referral fees, transaction fees and many other hidden fees.

We believe entrepreneurial opportunities should be available to anyone and everyone. That’s why we’re offering an online marketplace that’s not only safe, simple to use, but also affordable. With DukaMart, anyone (we do mean people from all walks of life) can run their business anytime, and anywhere in the world. This is a superb way to generate passive income while doing what you love to do.

How DukaMart Works

You can create an online store at DukaMart in 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Register as a seller

Step 2: Create your store profile page

Step 3: Add your products or services

Sep 4: Launch your business

With easy-to-follow tutorials, your store will start running in no time. We’ll also create an online forum for the community to give support to each other.

How DukaMart Is Different

There’s really no comparison. DukaMart is a unique global service, packed with useful and simple-to-use features at an extremely affordable price, making it the perfect partner for anyone who wants to own an online business, should it be products or services.

No prior technical knowledge or experience required to create and get a DukaMart store running. It’s a new generation of eBay and Kijiji if we have to highlight its major benefits.

DukaMart Online Selling Made Easy

Did we mention all DukaMart stores have their own unique seller profile? Sellers have the flexibiity to customize their profile page with their own logo, banner and location.

DukaMart Digital Shopping Portal

Sellers also have a collection page showcasing their picks and leverage different social media platforms to engage their customers and prospects.

Online Marketplace

To own and run a store at DukaMart, you leverage the true power of a multi-vendor marketplace platform. You have the veto of your store management from A to Z. For example, you list the products you want to sell, set your pricing, order fulfilment, end-to-end customer support, payment processing and store policies all independently.

Catalog Page DukaMart Multi Vendor Shopping

DukaMart provides you a safe and scalable platform without charging you a commission or referral fee. There’s no listing moderation and approval.

Customized Product Listing

Benefits By Selling At DukaMart

Selling when and where it's convenient

Seller Badge Recognition System

You probably notice a shiny object on the sample profile. We’re a true believer in motivation. Once sellers accomplish a milestone, they get awarded with a badge.

Seller Award Badges

Proven Design and Platform

DukaMart design is built on a proven and well-established platform which has over a million downloads. It’s going to be in a responsive design and will deliver a consistent experience to multi-device users (eg, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones).

SEO Mobile Optimized Online Shopping Portal

Limited Preview Release

  • Multi seller marketplace responsive to process orders with a shipping address in Canada and USA only (future releases will open up to more countries if necessary)
  • Simple-to-use dashboard for sellers to manage their store with total sales matrix such as sales income, recent orders and comments
  • Unique seller’s profile and collection pages
  • Catalog page for shoppers to compare products, add to wish list and write a review
  • Product listings with photo zooming, social share and follow a seller features
  • Brand list for shoppers to search sellers by shop name or location
  • Social media sharing and connect enabled
  • A built-in messaging system for shoppers to ask sellers questions
  • Support forums for the community to help each other
  • PayPal parallel express checkout payment functionality for sellers to receive payment directly
  • Seller badge recognition system
  • Social sign up via Facebook and Twitter to streamline users’ login

Our Story

We started DukaMart as a result of running an online business which is so expensive to run with many fixed and variable fees not to mention hidden fees. We know because we tried different online platforms and were upset with their rates.

We spent our savings to develop the first few products and started running an online store on Amazon in 2014. Sales were doing okay. When preparing our tax return for the first year, we were shocked that our profit was less than 20%. We have worked an average of 60 hours/week on our online business and didn’t even give ourselves a salary.

For the second year, we were resourceful and became active in different social media platforms. We believed our social media exposure would help to bring our products to more potential customers. We also created a few listings on eBay. It was tax time again. In spite of the additional efforts put in to our business, we were not gaining more profits. In fact, our return on investment has dropped. It was a wakeup call for us.

We tried to figure out what had happened. Amazon was our main selling portal. In addition to a monthly subscription fee, we were also using their Fulfillment by Amazon program. Amazon fees accounted for 40-45% of the product sales. With increasing competition, it’s getting more costly to sell on Amazon. After compiling all of our overhead costs, operation and advertising expenses, our online business was costing us too much to sell on Amazon.

DukaMart is our dream to help people create an online business without paying a dime for referral fees, transaction fees, insertion fees and other hidden fees. Store owners will have a customized profile with flexibility to create Seller’s Picks and allow shoppers to follow them on different social networks. All these built-in features are big pluses to drive more traffic and enhance customer engagement.

We are hopeful that DukaMart will evolve into a community marketplace where sellers help sellers with a healthy competition atmosphere. We’re also offering a safe platform where buyers will find quality products and services.

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Online selling made easy at DukaMart!